Monster Energy DRT Kawasaki British Round 6 Race Report – Foxhill

A warm and sunny Foxhill welcomed round promoter and Team Owner Steve Dixon, as the team

set out with their first red plate since Mel Pocock, previously in the British Championship.

Race 1 :
Max grabbed the holeshot, but ran wide and came out just in the top 10 and quickly moved into 3rd, then rode steady before uping his pace to pass Lenoir and onto a comfortable win.

Race 2 :
Max started 4th and quickly moved into 3rd and chased down Lenoir and Clarke, riding really smooth. Max just passed Lenoir and headed after Clarke who was looking for the win, with 3 laps to go Max upped his pace to leave Clarke and take another fine win.

Race 3 :
Max was 2nd out of the gate as he locked bars with Sterry, leaving Lenoir to lead the way but by the time the bikes had reached the end of the first jump section Max had taken the lead and it was game over for the competition as Max steadily edged away from Lenoir to take another comfortable win.

The team now head to Loket, where the team will continue the success of last weeks 1-1 in Latvia.

Foxhill 2015

Foxhill 2015

Max Anstie
Qualifying – 1st
MX2 Race 1 – 1st
MX2 R2 – 1st
MX2 Race 3 – 1st
MX2 Overall – 1st

Max Anstie : “It feels nice to get my work done on a track as legendary as Foxhills. I’m happy with the result as it wasn’t an easy race. Good prep for next week to keep the ball rolling.”

Steve Dixon : “Today was a great day for Max who does not live far from here, the track produced three exciting races as the conditions were different in each race. Max is riding with such maturity and style lately and it is a pleasure to watch him.”

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