Round 5 – Valkenswaard (Netherlands)

Summary of the fifth GP:

Aleksandr Tonkov riding his Husqvarna sign the best start ahead of Jeffrey Herlings, Jordi Tixier, Pauls Jonass and Max Anstie. From the first turns, Herlings is positioned ahead and Jonass passes Tixier. Author of a spectacular fall the day before, Tim Gajser is propelled into the pond at the first corner in the company of Ben Watson whose KTM will not come out unscathed. In the second lap, the two KTM riders are at the top before the fall of Jonass who then DNF. Tixier took the opportunity to recover the second position after spending Tonkov, as Anstie. The battle for fourth place opposed Tonkov and Brian Bogers. After bad starts, Valentin Guillod and Julien Lieber pass Jeremy Seewer in their lifts. Downshifting, Tonkov is exceeded by Dylan Ferrandis. In the wake of tixier for twenty minutes Anstie finds the opening and recovering the second position seven minutes from the end of the moto. Herlings won ahead of Anstie, Tixier, Ferrandis and Tonkov.

This is once again the Husqvarna Russian pilot in the lead at the first corner of the second race just ahead Pauls Jonass, Valentin Guillod, Jeremy Seewer and Jens Getteman. Outside the top 10 initially Herlings back easily and double Guillod for third place but stupidly falls, losing the front and quckly restart behind Tixier. He follows the Kawasaki rider in his ascent while teammate took the lead in the third lap and immediately widens the gap. After being doubled by Herlings, Tixier passes Guillod for fourth position. Once the connection made with the leaders, the Dutch rider then passes Tonkov and Jonass quick and flies away. Behind the fight for second place is intense with Ferrandis who joins the group. Herlings sign his third double win of the season on home soil in front of Tonkov, Tixier, Guillod and Bogers. Handicapped by a mechanical problem Anstie was forced to retire after a great first moto.

Max Anstie was second in first moto but DNF's in second.

Max Anstie was second in first moto but DNF’s in second.

Riding his Husqvarna, Maximilian Nagl takes the holeshot in the first heat ahead of Antonio Cairoli, Filip Bengtsson, Gautier Paulin and Romain Febvre. Paulin quickly moved to second position in the first lap when at the same time Bengtsson falls. His fall will be followed by that of Febvre and then by Cairoli who has big consequences because the KTM rider was forced to retire and injured his hand in the maneuver. Nagl finds herself surrounded on both Honda riders. In the end, Shaun Simpson dual Tyla Rattray. Paulin won the first race ahead of Nagl, Evgeny Bobryshev, Clément Desalle and Simpson.

Febvre share in the second headstock front Bobryshev, Paulin, Nagl and Desalle. Paulin pass his teammate at the end of the first lap and the leader in the second lap. Febvre loses three places in one lap in favor of Bobryshev, Nagl and Desalle. Down in the first moto, bengtsson hand twice at fault in the second straight after he was overtaken by Cairoli handicapped by a painful hand. Following a big mistake that makes him going out of the track, Rattray lost two places. In the end, Nagl and Desalle interspersed between the Honda riders. Paulin as Herlings sign the double win in front of Nagl, Desalle, Bobryshev and Febvre.

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