Round 17 – Leon (Mexico)

Last GP of the season, the track of Leon in Mexico therefore closed the MX2 and MXGP 2014 Championships. If the title was already asleep and assigned in MXGP, this was not the case in MX2 where Jeffrey Herlings suspense reigned having announced his participation in midweek.

Winner of the qualifying race, Jordi Tixier takes off the top of the first heat in front of Romain Febvre, Jose Butron, Julien Lieber and Dylan Ferrandis. After falling in the early stages of the race, Thomas Covington made ​​a pit stop. The big fight begins very early in the race between Tixier and Febvre in front of Lieber soon joined by Ferrandis. A struggle, Tixier had a big scare by failing to go over the bars on a jump. Due to an error of Lieber, Ferrandis took third place. Battling, Arnaud Tonus, Valentin Guillod and Tim Gajser back on Lieber and overtake him. Tixier won the first race after digging a small gap in the final laps. He beats Febvre, Ferrandis, Tonus and Gajser.

Tixier republishes the same start in the final race which is how crucial to obtaining the title. He starts ahead of Febvre, Ferrandis, Aleksandr Tonkov and Glenn Coldenhoff. It is in the first moments of the race that the suspense will be more intense with the fall of Ferrandis but especially that of Tixier and Tonkov who find themselves on the ground, with Russian arm stuck between the rear wheel and swing arm of the KTM. If the Husqvarna rider will not restart, Tixier rejoined the race behind Herlings that when exceeded follows his rival in his ascent. A few laps later, Ferrandis falls again more violently and leaves the race. Up Front Gajser advantage of the confusion to seize the leadership. Tixier whip after his fall and goes over his opponents one by one, while meanwhile Herlings is eighth just in front of Christophe Charlier. Following an aggressive overtaking on Lieber, Tixier takes provisionally top of the world championship. In the last two laps Tixier attacks Guillod for second place and then stay quietly behind. Gajser wins aheade of Guillod, Tixier (who becomes world champion), Lieber and Coldenhoff.


Max Anstie Leon 2014.

Kevin Strijbos sign the best start in MXGP category, beating Shaun Simpson, Steven Frossard, Gautier Paulin and Maximilian Nagl. Nagl passes Paulin and Frossard in the first lap and then Simpson and Strijbos in the second to take the lead. Paulin and Antonio Cairoli doubles Frossard in the first five minutes. The Italian even gain third place from the French. Set break, Jeremy Van Horebeek just referee the duel Simpson/Frossard and passes both  riders. At the cost of a final effort in the last lap, Strijbos ends in the wheel of the winner. So Nagl wins ahead of  Strijbos, Cairoli,  Paulin and  Van Horebeek.

At the end of the first lap of the second race, it is once again Nagl leading the pack in front of Paulin, Cairoli, Van Horebeek and Strijbos. Second and third, Cairoli and Paulin back halfway race on the leader. On lap ten, Paulin took the lead followed a lap later by Cairoli who also doubled the German. Strijbos fourth after doubling Van Horebeek, also returns to Nagl and doubles him. Paulin won the last race of the season ahead of Cairoli, Strijbos, Nagl and Van Horebeek.

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