Round 6 – Valkenswaard (Netherlands)

The sixth GP of the season takes place on the track of Valkenswaard who traditionally hosts an annual event of the World Championship Motocross (MXGP and MX2) .

As in Bulgaria two weeks earlier, Romain Febvre sign the Fox holeshot ahead of Jose Butron and Jeremy Seewer. Their sides, Arnaud Tonus, Tim Gajser, Dylan Ferrandis and Damon Graulus falls in second turn. At the end of the first lap, Jeffrey Herlings attacks Febvre but the French rider resists half a lap before losing first place. The battle for fourth place early in the race opposed Jordi Tixier and Seewer while in his ascent, Tonus falls again. Herlings teammate, Tixier quickly took third place and enjoys a big fight for fourth place which benefits to Valentin Guillod. After a bad start, Julien Lieber returns as well of Gajser and Ferrandis after the attachment of departure. Petar Petrov and Thomas Covington will both falls at the end of the race, when in front the French were battling for the gain of the second place and in the last turn it goes to Tixier. Herlings wins the first heat in front of Tixier, Febvre, Guillod and Aleksandr Tonkov.

Tixier achieves the best start of the second race and is preceded by Febvre, Herlings, Butron and Ferrandis while in the first meters Lieber, Petrov and Kei Yamamoto falls. Herlings took the lead after a few turns and not leave it up to anybody to lead the race. Under pressure from Febvre, Tixier lost the front of his KTM and restart fifth. A group of riders is battling between sixth and eleventh place, all wheel to wheel. In front a duel between CLS riders opposed Ferrandis and Tonus for the last spot of the podium. At halfway race, Max Anstie collapse and is forced to retire, Yamamoto and Tixier falls for the second time. At the end of the race, a very good fight between three riders sets the public in alert. Herlings also wins the second heat ahead of Tonus, Febvre, Ferrandis and Tixier.


Max Anstie Valkenswaard 2014

In MXGP, Antonio Cairoli is unbeatable when the gate droped since the begining of the season and flew in ahead of Gautier Paulin, Jeremy Van Horebeek, Steven Frossard and Evgeny Bobryshev. As in MX2, lots of riders falls in the first few corners, Shaun Simpson and Rui Goncalves are one of them. Xavier Boog quickly returned to the pits and should push his honda (damaged radiator). After two laps, Cairoli made ​​a sign to his team that something was wrong on his front wheel. Just outside the top 5, the Suzuki riders are explained as for twelfth and thirteenth between the TM riders. In the last ten minutes, Paulin and Van Horebeek returns on the leader and passes him in the last two laps. Indeed, Cairoli has problems with front wheel and takes no risks and doesn’t want to make a mistake unlike Frossard who lost his fourth place. Paulin won the first race ahead of Van Horebeek, Cairoli, Clement Desalle and Bobryshev.

Another crazy start from Cairoli in the second race in front of Van Horebeek, Kevin Strijbos, Desalle and Bobryshev. In the first lap, Paulin falls violently on the ground and was hit by Simpson. Bobryshev is blocked by the motorcycle of Paulin, the rear wheel of the Kawasaki arrived on the handlebars of the Honda rider. Matiss Karro and Joël Roelants are sixth and seventh ahead of Boog and Tyla Rattray. After a few mistakes at the end of the race, Van Horebeek can not resist Strijbos who easily takes the second place. In the closing laps, Roelants is back on Forssard  and overtake him in the penultimate lap to finish at a great fifth place. Cairoli has no known mechanical problems this time and won ahead of Strijbos, Van Horebeek, Roelants and Desalle.

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