Bike It Yamaha Cosworth – Race Report – Valkenswaard (Round 6)

Round six took place in Valkenswaard, Holland; a track usually seen in the opening stages of the championship season but pushed back a bit due to the many overseas races. The team spent much of the week before practicing in the sands of Belgium, which unfortunately did not give the advantage they had hoped for with Valkenswaard’s track being less sandy than usual. This more hard pack feeling track, left the team struggling with their sand set up.

Max, Rui and Magne all struggled in the qualifying race as their confidence was low on the slippery, unpredictable track and the results reflected their unease, with Max coming 14th, Magne 33rd and Rui 22nd.

Sunday started more promisingly, with Max Anstie turning it around in race one with a 4th place start and 6th place finish, his riding a marked improvement from the qualifying race. Race 2 however did not start as successfully and as he began to push through the pack, more mistakes were made resulting in a small crash, a dislodged clutch lever and a DNF. Magne Klingshiem had a similarly difficult weekend with a stall in race one leading him to finish outside the points, and a 26th place finish in race 2.

Rui Goncalves struggled with the set up during both races and was unable to make an impression in race 1. Race 2 was slightly more productive with Rui reaching 13th place by the race end.


Rui Gonçalves went 21st & 13th for 20th overall.


Max Anstie went 6th and 30th for 11th overall.


Magne Klingshiem went 27th and 26th for 27th overall.

Steve Dixon : “It was another difficult weekend for the team… a lot of work was put in during the week in the sand training in Belgium, but we didn’t end up seeing the benefits this weekend. We need to get Max back on the podium and Rui back into the top tens. Unfortunately we’ve just hit a rough time at the moment and we need to carry on working though it to get everyone back to where they should be. We need to remain solid and not make rash decisions when the races are back to back.

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