Round 2 – Si Racha (Thailand)

For the second consecutive year, the track of Si Racha hosted World MX riders in heat lead with over thirty-five degrees on the thermometer but with less humidity than in 2013 .

Bumped in the first round and second in the qualification the day before, Jeffrey Herlings sign the holeshot in the first moto in front of Dylan Ferrandis, Jordi Tixier, Glenn Coldenhoff and Max Anstie. Arnaud Tonus doubled Coldenhoff in the first lap but the Dutch replicates and passes the Swiss one lap later. Anstie imitates him a lap later to gain fifth place. Herlings dig a little gap to get away from his opponents. In the middle of the race, Coldenhoff passes Tixier to come closer to second place of Ferrandis when Tonus passe back Anstie. At seven minutes from the checkered flag, Coldenhoff finally found an opening on the Kawasaki while Tonus passes successively Tixier and Ferrandis to finish in the wheel of the Suzuki rider. Herlings wins the first debate in front of Coldenhoff, Tonus, Ferrandis and Tixier.

In the second moto it is Anstie who makes the best start to Coldenhoff, Tonus, Tixier and Ferrandis. Although in the leading group, Tonus stoll his bike and loses a lot of time to restart the machine. Despite a bad start, Herlings make a good first lap and won four places occupying the second position at the end of the first lap. Ten minutes after the start of the moto, Valentin Guillod is stopped on the edge of the track (broken engine) and Herlings attack the leader. The second DNF is that of Christophe Charlier (peronnet fractured). Beautiful grouped of French riders composed of Ferrandis, Tixier and Febvre which are respectively four, five and six of the race. Leader for twenty minutes, Anstie can not leave the KTM # 84 behind him and thus gets the second position. Second of the GP last year, Febvre exceeds its two compatriots and takes the fourth position before melting on Coldenhoff and rob him of the last place on the podium in the last three laps. Herlings by winning the moto sign his first double moto win of the year in front of Anstie, Febvre, Coldenhoff and Ferrandis . First podium of the year for Anstie after the disappointment of last weekend in Qatar.


On his HM Plant KTM , Shaun Simpson took the lead ahead of Clément Desalle, Antonio Cairoli, Joël Roelants and Jeremy Van Horebeek. Matiss Karro drop from the second turn with a local rider while ahead Cairoli overtakes Desalle before the uphill waves section in the bottom of the track. Section also chosen by Tommy Searle to pass Van Horebeek. After two laps led, Simpson is voiced by Cairoli and Desalle in quick succession. Decreased by a back injury since the beginning of the season, Jake Nicholls fall heavily, the two KTM STR riders are in the pitlane for a double retirement. Fight for fourth place between Van Horebeek Gautier Paulin and Searle. Due to engine problems, David Philippaerts abandoned. Van Horebeek dual Simpson and distances himself from the other riders blocked by the English who resists several turns to Paulin before falling, losing two places in the maneuver. At the end of the race, Searle suffered a big crash (broken wrist) and is evacuated by rescuers. Gradually, Cairoli took the lead and climbed out of the pressure of Desalle to win in front of the two Belgian Desalle and Van Horebeek, Paulin and Kevin Strijbos.

Van Horebeek crosses the first corner of the second round ahead  of Desalle, Cairoli, Simpson and Steven Frossard. Desalle crosses the finish line jump on top ahead of Van Horebeek and Cairoli who have a little gap on Paulin. Second abandonment of the day for Philippaerts. After seven laps behind the Yamaha rider, Cairoli took second position and force to effect the junction with the leader. Yet in the leading group, Frossard abandoned even before halfway race. Pressurized for one lap, Desalle made ​​a mistake in a turn and Italian exceeds it. Author of a bad lap , Paulin loses place in favor of Maximilian Nagl. Cairoli won the second moto and also performs twice in front of Desalle, Van Horebeek, Nagl and Evgeny Bobryshev. Paulin slipped five places in the last two laps due to engine problems.

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