Bike It Yamaha Cosworth – Race Report – Si Racha (Round 2)

The second round of the World Motocross Championship took the teams straight from Qatar to the hot and humid welcome of Thailand. With a few days to settle into the environment the team prepared for tight and fast track of Si Racha.

Having qualified 5th the previous day, Anstie had a good choice of gates. An ok jump from Anstie after small amount of wheelspin in the first race put him in 6th out the gate. Having passed Arnaud Tonus, Anstie pushed hard as was on the tail of the leading pack. The sweltering 35 degree heat soon dryed out the track, leading to Anstie not feeling he could push as hard and settled for 6th.

After a few adjustments to the chassis set up and rev placement for the start, the team were all pumped up ready for the next race. The changes were clearly successful as Anstie stormed his Cosworth powered YZ250f in front of the pack to take the holeshot. It was a repeat of the previous week and Anstie lead the MX2 field lap after lap. At around the halfway mark Herlings caught up with Anstie and the two battled it out, reminiscent of their earlier years. Because Anstie was making a few mistakes he made sure to be cautious for the rest of the race and not lose out on 2nd and valuable points.

A well placed 6th and 2nd gave Max and the Bike It Yamaha Cosworth team their first podium of the season with 3rd overall.

In the MXGP Class Rui Gonçalves got a mid pack start for the first race, and started to push forwards overtaking riders such as Frossard and Bobryshev. Advancing to around 11th Rui was looking for a top ten finish but started to encounter bike problems. It appeared that the fuel given to all the riders to compete with required more preperation than anticipated. Rui was not confident in doing any of the big jumps and dropped back 5 places but ultimately finished safely. Taking the bike back to Victor, Rui’s mechanic, a few changes were made to cope with the boiling fuel and prepared them for the second race.

Confident of the bike adjustments Rui was able to push forward harder in the second race, starting around 12th and overtaking a host of top riders who were struggling with the conditions. A season best of 7th place left the team happy and looking forward to the rest of the season and constantly improving. The 15th and 12th place gave Rui a 12th place overall. The team now aims to enter the top ten in the MXGP class.

Maiden MX2 competitors Magne Klingsheim and Anton Lundgren continued to improve and score points at their first season in the premier MX2 class. An all time best result of 17th & 16th for Magne Klingsheim gave him 17th overall. Lundgren’s 22nd and 17th put him in 21st overall. Both Klingsheim and Lundgren rode well in the intense conditions and fast tight circuit.

The team now head back from their eastern travels and spend a short time back at the workshop tinkering away, while the bikes ship directly to Brazil for the third and final flyaway of the first half of the season. The team would like to thank all their sponsors for their continued hard work and support giving us the ability to deliver podiums.


Max : “I pushed hard in the first race and then passed tonus, got onto the leading group but when the track surface got hard I felt I could not push as hard with the bike set up so had to relax and keep smooth for points. A few changes to the set up of the chassis for the second race and a little talk on where we should set the revs at for the start to avoid too much wheelspin gave me the confidence to prepare for the second race. The plan was just to race hard and I got the holeshot but after 20 minutes I felt I was starting to make a few mistake so I tried to relax and then follow jeffery, the last 10 minutes I rode a little cautious so as not to lose the 2nd place. I was not aware about the podium to late on the race, but I am so happy that we got it.”

Rui : “I rode well in race 1 and was trying to pass Todd Waters for 10th just a few laps from the end, when my bike started to feel funny. I could not do the jumps as I had no confidence. We found out it was the fuel boiling, which other riders also had problems with because everyone is using the same fuel supplied here in Thailand. In race 2 the team worked on some solutions to avoid the fuel problems and I rode a solid race for 7th, many people still had problems with the fuel but my bike was great and Victor and the team did a great job. I will now build on my position going forward.”

Magne & Anton : “We are happy to have scored points in this trip, we are young and it is our first season, the team is fantastic and so helpful and relaxed, it is also good that Max is doing well, the heat was difficult today, it was over 34 degrees but hopefully we keep on building momentum.”

Steve : “I was happy with the team, it was a massive team effort with Ben flying home during the week, last weekends DNF was hard to take, but we re-grouped and stuck to our plan and this week it paid off. I felt we were on top of our game with the bikes this weekend when many other bikes failed because of the fuel, preparation was key. I was please for all the riders results and they can build from that.”

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