Round 1 – Losail (Qatar)

For the second consecutive year, the first event of the new season was played on the night track of Losail in Qatar.

In MX2, the used good starts Jose Butron sign the holeshot now sponsored by Fox in front of Dylan Ferrandis, Max Anstie, Julien Lieber and Jordi Tixier. Defending champion, Jeffrey Herlings is way back and narrowly avoided the collision between Christophe Charlier and Arnaud Tonus. Retaliated against the attack of Lieber, Ferrandis comes into contact with the Suzuki rider and opens the door to Max Anstie. Jeremy Seewer and Petar Petrov falls together in the the turn after the pitlane and lose plenty of places. By performing a quadruple jump that nobody doesn’t, Anstie approaches and doubles the Spaniard while behind in fourth position Lieber falls and lose the benefits of his good start. Only U.S. rider in GP, Thomas Covington was forced to retire due to a malfunction of his machine. At halfway point Ferrandis passes Butron soon threatened by Glenn Coldenhoff passing lap twelve. In the last three laps, Anstie experiencing a mechanical problem and leaves the head to Ferrandis, Coldenhoff and Herlings. In the final lap, the KTM rider takes second place but can not exceed the French who won his first moto win in GP and the first moto of the 2014 season.

New author of the holeshot , Butron is ahead Anstie, Tonkov, Tonus and Ferrandis. At the end of the first lap, Anstie leading the race while later after a new bad jump out of the gate  Herlings back quickly sixth. Second, Butron is pressurized by the amazing Covington who passes in the first few laps. Sandwiched by a group of French riders, Herlings is attacked by Febvre. AHead, Anstie widening the gap while Butron returns to the wheel of Covington and in touching the rear wheel of Covington falls down. A great battle for third place will then oppose Ferrandis, Herlings, Tonkov, Febvre and Charlier. At eight minutes from the end, Herlings passes Ferrandis to gain third place as Febvre further. After downgraded in the early laps, Tonus performs a late race barrel to finish second in the wheel of the winner. As in the first moto, Anstie has a problem (stalling the bike) and lets out the victory with four laps to go. Herlings did not ask as to win his first race victory in front of Tonus, Covington, Febvre and Tonkov.

In MXGP, Honda rider Xavier Boog realizes the first holeshot of the season in front of the winner of the qualification Kevin Strijbos, Max Nagl, Steven Frossard and Evgeny Bobryshev. Strijbos confident after his victory the day before immediately take orders while teammate peak on the back of pack. Early in the race, Boog undergoes numerous assaults from the strong men of the class which pass him one by one. Antonio Cairoli, fifth is surrounded by KRT riders. Both Honda HRC riders does not suffer the same scenario early in the race as Nagl took the lead when Bobryshev is successively doubled by Gautier Paulin, Cairoli and Frossard. In the middle of the race, Strjibos pace down and is passed by the trio who before doubling the Russian. In the last ten minutes, Cairoli intensifies pressure on Paulin to capture second place at the start of the last three laps. Rid of the Kawasaki rider, he literally melts on Nagl in the last corners but in vain. Nagl won the first race of the season and returns to success since 2011, ahead of Cairoli, Paulin, Frossard and Jeremy Van Horebeek.

Matiss Karro signs the fastest start of the second moto before Paulin, Frossard, Nagl and Bobryshev but Latvian loses three spots in the first lap. Paulin, Frossard and Cairoli are one, two and three after the first lap. In front, the two Kawasaki riders attacks, doubles and redouble each other in the second lap and after a few minutes Paulin distanced himself and escapes. Ninth after his good start, Karro is powered down by Strijbos. The positions being frozen for the third lap, Paulin wins by a short head in front of Frossard, Cairoli, Nagl and Van Horebeek again fifth.

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