Max Anstie: The Real MX2 Winner in Qatar

Interview with Max Anstie right after the GP of Qatar made by Vurbmoto

Obviously s**t happens in motocross and the winner is the rider who crosses the line first, but if ever a rider deserved to have gone 1-1 in a weekend, it was Max Anstie in Qatar. In the first moto he led until the 13th of 17 laps, before his bike died whilst he was a few seconds clear. Then in the second race, he was once again well clear of the field on the 13th lap when a rock got caught in the chain, causing him to stall, and his hopes of a first moto win disappeared once more. We caught up with Max after what ended up an extremely disappointing weekend…

Gutting weekend for you I guess. What can you really say about it?
We’ve been working hard the last six months but we come in strong. Obviously my goal was just to go out and do my laps and put myself in a good position. I was really, really ill yesterday, like I was spewing my guts up all over the place. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick in my whole life. I felt really horrible yesterday, but today I felt good. I’ve been better. But it is what it is. We’ve worked hard and I was pushing hard. At the end of the day I just went out and done my laps like I do in practice. Everyone’s worked hard, the team, Steve, everyone. We’re in a good position. We’re in a position where we can go racing now. I think that’s what I’ve been searching for, it’s what we’ve wanted for the last few years. I’ve been training my ass off for the last six months, for the last five years, banging my head against the wall, going back to the drawing board. At the end of the day no one’s come from the bottom of where I’ve come from. So we’re going to be strong. It won’t be long. I’ll be on top. That’s it, really.

893860_10153907656540541_66366852_oWhen you did realize during the day that you had the speed to win the races? You were making it look easy, to be honest.
I realized when I was about 10 years old and I raced Jeffrey in the sand. I know I’m the fastest. He knows I’m the best. There’s no one that can do things that I can do. Who else jumped the quad? I know it’s not by chance, but I’ve worked so hard throughout my whole life, throughout the last four, five, six years when I’ve been banging my head against the wall. It’s only made me stronger and I always knew. I was just going out there and raced. That’s all I do. I’m a racer. I just went out and raced. That was it. And that’s what I’m going to do from here for the next 17 rounds. I’m coming out to go racing.

max-anstie-the-real-mx2-winner-2_770_wideUnfortunately you only scored the four points after leading so much of the races. What does that mean for your championship? Or are you just taking it one race at a time now and the championship if it gets a little bit closer, it gets a bit closer?
Everyone’s going to have bad races and DNF’s. At the end of the day all I can do is go out and race, and race my laps. That’s what I did today and whether I’m handed these cards then that’s that. I will go do the exact same thing next weekend. There’s nothing I can do about it now. We can go and make ourselves feel good for this next weekend and go again. That’s all we can do.

Do you know the specifics on what happened in both the races? Why the bike stopped?
In the second one it was my mistake. I was thick, I was stupid. Like yesterday, to be honest, I was stupid. I don’t know whether I drank some of their milk or something up here. It was my fault. I’m the thick one. So the blame’s on me for that. For me having food poisoning or whatever, that’s the blame on me. I just thought to myself when I was riding around I didn’t put all this hard work in for it to be screwed up like something like that. The first moto I landed a bit heavy on the quad a couple times. I might have displaced something. But second moto was just my mistake. I don’t know whether a rock got caught in the chain or something and it just stopped me, causing to me to stall. It is what it is. I haven’t raced since Lierop last year, and I led a lot of laps this weekend and I made passes and stepped it up. Get back on the grind again and go to work next weekend.

Are you glad that there’s a race right away and you don’t have to wait to build upon this?
Any day of the week, anywhere, any track, I will do amazing things. That’s what I do. That’s why I’m where I am. I’ve got a great group of people around me. The guys, the bike, the team, everyone now is here to win. So it doesn’t matter to me. Put me on the starting line, I’ll go race again right now.

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