Steve Dixon explains why Max raced 2013 Yamaha’s in Qatar

If you still have questions about why Max Anstie ride the 2013 bike, there is some answers explain by Steve Dixon himself, team manager of the Bike It Cosworth Yamaha team for

The very first GP of the 2014 World motocross championship was held in Qatar this past weekend, Max Anstie rode 2 outstanding races which could have been 2 race wins but for bikes problems. What we did notice is that Max was racing the 2013 bike and not the new 2014 Yamaha, so we asked Steve Dixon team boss of Bike It Yamaha Cosworth why that was.

Max Anstie

Hey Steve, did Max race Qatar on a 2013 Yamaha?

“Yes it was the 2013 bike – Why? because we have a good set up for these races and did not want to rush the 2014 till it is fully tested, but the potential is higher with the 2014, the standard Yam 2014 is fantastic and such a high base that a lot has to be done to get it considerably better. We have it ready but just need more time on the mapping and data side. We only decided on the Sunday of Hawkstone to miss it and go test the 2013, then he loved the engine power and we did two days testing on suspension and the took the bike on the plane!

The first race really was as a result of a little too much over rev especially on the Quad, Just to let you know an over rev on an F1 car takes 300km off the engine life!
The second race Max genuinely stalled it and then had no energy to kick it correctly but got it going to finish 17th.

We made the right decision and Max is happy, it is the first time he has lead a GP, raced with our team and raced since Leirop, plus he was sick all weekend and was even sick in his helmet on Friday.

For us it is rare to have failure, but we learn’t a lot about Max this weekend, and its a double edge sword that we play, you have to be in it to win it! so if we had achieved two top 5′s he would have had points but now he has had a taste and he liked being in front, but to be in front you need a fast bike, t was just bad for us that it was in the limelight! We can take the rough with the smooth and move on to Thailand where he will be up for it again, I think we woke people up again and showed we can get riders to the front, it is not just a coincidence…
Max is still only 20, he has been on three factory GP teams and written off. We are here to prove the critics wrong and get a Union Jack flying on the top step again.
People have to understand the rider is part of a team and that team all felt the same heartache that Max felt, the reason we do this job is to win and every part of the track the riders ride we are there with him.

I am sure people have great hindsight but those people do not have the courage to make a decision, and without a decision you prove you are week so as I say live by the sword and die by the sword, or just be like sheeps and follow…

mmm sounds like I still have my passion.. haha

Thanks for clearing that up and good luck in Thailand.

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