Round 17- Lierop (Netherlands)

Last race of the season and not least, Lierop and his deep sand plain very difficult to roll was made even harder this year due to incessant rains in the night from Saturday to Sunday, making it very tricky field and flooded places.

The first MX2 heat saw Jordi Tixier sign the holeshot in front of Jeffrey Herlings, Glenn Coldenhoff and Maxime Desprey. Unfortunately for him, Coldenhoof made ​​a mistake in the first lap like last year. From the second lap, Dylan Ferrandis exceeds Tixier. Fast, Coldenhoff commits a few errors in his comeback behind the trio of Alexander Tonkov, Dean Ferris and Romain Febvre battling for fourth place. The first part of the race was difficult for Yamaha riders, Christophe Charlier falls then ast the same time Ferris, hampered by a problem of  visor dropped two places in the same turn. After a slight drop, Max Anstie came into the pits for elbow treatment (since his injured Loket and re-opened during the fall). Fall also for Arnaud Tonus and Desprey. With less than three laps from the end, Coldenhoff is the fastest man on track and came back on the third place when the engine of his KTM breaks and leaves him to walk home. Author of a missed departure, Petar Petrov takes the fourth position in the final minutes of the race. Without any problems, Herlings wins the moto in front of Ferrandis, Tixier, Petrov and Ferris.

Second start of the day and second holeshot to Tixier in front of Herlings, Ferris and Pascal Rauchenecker. This last clings Jose Butron and leaves the Spanish on the ground. Ferrandis doubles again Tixier early in the race (first lap) to position him in second place. Good first lap for Coldenhoff and Petrov doubling Tixier before the KTM pilot doubles back the Bulgarian rider. Further back, Ferris and Tonkov falls, as the leader Herlings after ten minutes. He leaves his compatriot lead the race and goes after him. Due to a mechanical problem, Anstie is forced to retire and therefore will score no points for the last appointment of the year. Back in the rear wheel of the leader, the two Dutch offer a good show to the public before the world champion goes through three laps from the end. Herlings wins the heat and win the GP for his return to competition in front of Coldenhoff, Ferrandis Tixier and Petrov.

lierop mx2-026

On familiar ground , Kevin Strijbos took the lead of the race ahead of Antonio Cairoli, Matisse Karro (started from the outside of the gate) and Evgeny Bobryshev. In the first lap, three Belgians are out for win, Jöel Roelants falls in the second turn, Jeremy Van Horebeek in the third and Clément Desalle a little further. Many changes takes place before the end of the first lap as Bobryshev leading the race, Shaun Simpson took over third on Cairoli. After only ten minutes of racing, Simpson and Cairoli back on Bobryshev who relinquished command to Strijbos moments earlier. Further, is the duel of Kawasaki against the three officials riders. Impressive speed this weekend and especially during the qualifying race, Simpson took the lead six laps from the end followed by Cairoli. It will remain in the wheel of the Yamaha rider and threaten him until the final seconds before falling and restarted just before Strijbos. However, a problem with the rear wheel forced the Italian to slow down and finish in fourth place. Heroic Simpson on his private Yamaha won the race ahead of Strijbos, Bobryshev, Cairoli and Ken De Dycker.

Motivated as ever, Cairoli sign the second holeshot of the day ahead of Strijbos, Simpson, Bobryshev and Van Horebeek. Leading in the second turn, Simspon clings Strijobs, falls and leaves sixth. Great first lap for Searle who passes the finish line in fourth in the wheel of Van Horebeek who will drop to the entrance of the wood the lap after. Searle imitates him a few meters away. After a few laps, Simpson doubles Strijbos and glue immediately to the Honda rider. Van Horebeek falls for the second time and gets stuck under his motorcycle as his teammate. Five minutes later, Simpson finds himself in third position closing the gap to Desalle. Big rise, De Dycker puts pressure on the Brit who is back again on the Suzuki rider. So we see a good three fight for second place before the duo Bobryshev/Strijbos operates the junction. Feeling the danger, Simpson goes on the offensive and took second place before Strijobs author of a fine gun handle dethroned him at the end. Cairoli, far ahead of its rivals with more than a minute ahead, won the race ahead of Strijbos, Simspon, De Dycker and Bobryshev. To everyone’s surprise, Simpson won the GP in the nose and beard of all the official riders and noted him at the time of signing a contract for 2014.

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