Round 14 – Loket (Czech Republic)

For the thirteenth race of the season, the track to the old Loket had undergone some

modifications, including the starting line up has changed, and a new sequence after arrival.

First start of the day and Jose Butron took the lead before Jeffrey Herlings and Alexander Tonkov. A little wide in the first turn, the Spanish lost two places before getting blockpass by Christophe Charlier and falls. A fight early in the race with his fellow contryman Elliott Banks-Brown, Max Anstie while trying to enter the fifth drops down and end his day after five minutes of racing. Banks-Brown drop him a few meters away. Butron makes a first pass to the pits after his fall before returning later in the moto to give up. Second, Tonkov see Alessandro Lupino back on him. Extremely virile on the track, the Italian takes over the Russian after a few unsuccessful attempts. Sixth early in the race, Maxime Desprey was overtaken by Glenn Coldenhoff and is under attack from the trio Mel Pocock/Dylan Ferrandis/Petar Petrov. These four men will deliver a great fight until the end. Herlings wins the opening moto in front of Lupino Tonkov, Charlier and Jordi Tixier.

The second moto starts and Butron seized the lead in the race to Tonkov, Charlier, Coldenhoff and Pascal Rauchenecker. Author of a departure “mid-pack” Herlings back lap after lap. Second in the first race and in the race for an overall podium, Lupino clings Pocock and goes outside the top 15. Once passed by Herlings, Charlier took the opportunity to go into second place behind the Dutch. Never in the top five since the beginning of the year, Rauchenecker retrograde after ten minutes past at front. The trio Butron/Coldenhoff/Tonkov is battling for third place when the rain occures. In the closing laps, Romain Febvre falls and fits through the Ufo banner. By winning the second moto in front of Charlier, Butron, Tonkov and Tixier, Herlings won his second world championship title three races before the end of the championship.


Rulers of the qualifying race, Belgian Kevin Strijbos and Clément Desalle go ahead of Antonio Cairoli, Jeremy Van Horebeek and Evgeny Bobryshev. By stoling in the end of the first lap, Cairoli restarts eleventh. The second most important incident involves Shaun Simpson who left with a leg stuck in the swing arm of Tommy Searle. De Dycker takes over Van Horebeek. While faster than its competitors, Cairoli take a long time to return to the Belgian quartet before enjoying the storm to pick up. The first victim to the storm is called Van Horebeek who lost the front of his bike at the end of the pit lane and will damage the front wheel. No longer able to run in good conditions, he didn’t finish. Desalle win before Strijbos, De Dycker, Cairoli and Bobryshev.

Second holeshot of the day for Strijbos who took the lead in front of Bobryshev, De Dycker, Van Horebeek and Searle. Errors from the leader who lost many places in the first few corners. Author of a viril passing on Van Horebeek Cairoli gets caught with the Kawasaki rider for few meters before falling and ending up in the wrong direction of the slope. The Kawasaki rider takes over Bobryshev in lap four as De Dycker for a few turns. Ahead the leader of the Italian team nations, David Philippaerts can’t contain Cairoli all the moto. Income far Strijbos plays a good tussle with De Dycker before pick Searle in the last corner. Victory and doubled for Desalle in front of Van Horebeek, Bobryshev, Strijbos and Searle.

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