Round 2 – Si Racha

Second round of the 2013 season, the heat and humidity has strained MX2 and MX1 riders physical conditions. As before, Romain Febvre sign the best start to Jeffrey Herlings, Max Anstie who has an excellent jump from the gate in front of Jose Butron and Jake Nicholls. By the third turn Valentin Teillet made a mistake and crash when Herlings took the lead just before the two Martens pilots. A shot grouped is formed between the second and eighth place all behind each other. Christophe Charlier definitely in verve this season ranks fourth and returns to the KTM, but hillock behind Nicholls. We thus find six KTM, one Suzuki and three Yamaha in the top 10. Riders taking the same steps, we don’t see any passes before the fall of Charlier and Dylan Ferrandis occurred at the same turn. The first alone while the second was the victim of an attack by Alessandro Lupino. We have a trio for sixth place with in the order Dean Ferris, Glenn Coldenhoff and Jordi Tixier rolling with stitches due to a big fall yesterday. After twenty minutes behind the Spaniard, Max Anstie enters fourth and then third after the troubles of Nicholls (front brake). Due to an issue glasses, Tixier takes over Coldenhoff. In the last two laps, Lupino goes back Charlier who has no glasses either. Easy victory for Herlings, Febvre is second and Anstie third, then Butron and Ferris.


MX1 Antonio cairoli hand first followed by Rui Goncalves, Evgeny Bobryshev, Clement Desalle and Ken De Dycker. The first lap is fatal to Shaun Simpson and Tanel Leok who both fall while Bobryshev is on the lead midway through the first lap. Desalle and De Dycker will also pass the Ice One Pilot. Bad start as before, Gautier Paulin doubles the two official Yamaha (Joël Roelants/StevenFrossard) and Goncalves as David Philippaerts who follows his ascent. In the fourth lap, De Dycker spends his leader and also goes ahead after the fall of the Russian. This drop is followed few laps later by Desalle , when Cairoli made the connection with his teammate and took the lead. After an initial error Leok goes off the track when he was fighting with Davide Guarneri and Frossard for ninth place. Helped by Kevin Strijbos, Portuguese rider Goncalves fall and meets some troubles to leave because of the sweltering heat that reigns in Thailand (about 35-40 degrees). Third for a long time after his mistake at the beginning of race, Bobryshev fall again in the penultimate lap. Cairoli win at De Dycker, Desalle, Paulin and Searle.

In Superfinal, Cairoli sign the important holeshot to Desalle, Paulin, Ferris and Goncalves. The Australian is the first MX2 rider to Herlings in the first two laps. Among the MX1, De Dycker is far behind after finishing second in the first heat. Started in the top 5, Ferris pace down after fifteen minutes and retrograde in overall ranking but also in the MX2 classification. After put the fastest lap early in the race and have been long in contact with the leader Desalle sees Cairoli gradually leaving. At mid-race, the differences are stabilized between the first three, Herlings back to Paulin then returns distanced when Kawasaki upped the pace and back to Desalle on ten minutes from the end of the race. With four laps from the end of the heat, the French rider pass in second position after the finish jump while teammate Van Horebeek abandoned due to finger injury. Thirty seconds before the end of regulation time, Herlings is in the wheel of the Suzuki rider but two laps from the end the Dutch is stopped. In the last lap, there is a battle for second place while Paulin was yet out of the threat of Belgium. Coasting in the last corners, Cairoli passes the finish line before Paulin, Desalle, Herlings and Searle.

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