Round 1 – Losail

During the first start of the 2013 season, the Standing Construct KTM rider Glenn Coldenhoff sign the holeshot before Valentin Teillet, Jose Butron, Christophe Charlier and jeffrey Herlings came from the eighth gate. The Yamaha rider Charlier passes quickly than third in the second turn. Dylan Ferrandis  falls in the first lap and goes last. Quickly we are witnessing a KTM duel but also a Dutch duel at the forefront with the return of Herlings in second position. Two Dutch in the lead before three French for the top 5. World Champ passes his compatriot in the fourth lap. Shortly after, Arnaud Tonus throws in the towel and returned to stand (we learn later that he again broke the same leg that during the Nations). Teillet suffered mechanical problem in third place at the beginning of the race and passes through the stands. Jordi Tixier loses the front of his KTM behind Mel Pocock and he’s passed in the wake by Alessandro Lupino and Maxime Desprey. Very fast from the first test, Romain Febvre returns Coldenhoff as Charlier and Anstie, four great battle for second place. Unfortunately, the first fault is Max Anstie who fall mid-race and DNF as Teillet. Drop from Febvre benefits to Charlier who gets third and puts pressure three laps from the end on the second. At the end of a control race , Herlings wins before Coldenhoff, Charlier, Febvre and Ferris.


In 450, Kevin Strijbos is initially shows before Rui Goncalves, Evgeny Bobryshev Ken De Dycker and Tommy Searle on the 450 Team CLS. Very bad start for the defending champion Antonio Cairoli who is beyond the top 20 at the first corner. Seeing the two leaders going away, De Dycker goes on the attack and passes Goncalves as Desalle. Steven Frossard him fall in the corner after the pit lane. Wrong start, Cairoli spends his competitors one by one before stumbling over Searle’s then halfway his teammate is the fastest man in the race and took the lead. Regular departures cannon, Max Nagl is in the package, the fall of Xavier Boog also causes him to goes in the ground. Bobryshev and Desalle double Strijbos who drop rate lap after lap. Just like in MX2, two Belgian explained for the leadership and at seven minutes from the end, the official Suzuki took the lead on a beautiful exterior. In the last two laps, Cairoli dual Bobryshev to gain third place. Victory goes for Desalle before De Dycker and Cairoli. Paulin and Bobryshev completed the top five.

The Superfinal meets the twenty best MX1 and MX2 riders. Desalle goes ahead of his teammate Strijbos, Herlings, Cairoli and Febvre. The Italian goes into second position and is inserted between the two official Suzuki. Logically MX2 riders can not keep pace, Herlings fifth is far away from the leading quartet. Period of observation in the lead, Cairoli does not attack Desalle and observes the lines of his opponent. Only MX2 rider in the top 10, Herlings is fighting with Strijbos and Paulin. After ten minutes of racing, Cairoli went on the offensive and take the lead. The huge blockpass from Jake Nicholls on Julien Lieber sends the Suzuki rider to the ground when Desprey and Van Horebeek DNF. Fight for the ninth place between the two former teammates Philippaerts and Frossard. Under pressure from Paulin, Bobryshev returns to Desalle and a three fight begins in the last four laps. Victory goes to Cairoli who won the first Superfinal before Desalle who grab the red plate and Paulin. Winner of the MX2 Class during the Last Chance qualifier, Max rode hard during the superfinale with the MX1 guys ans finnished in twenty-five place, two spots in front of his teammate.

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