In the skin of Max Anstie’s mecano

If there is one person in the entourage primary driver, the mechanic, often in the shade and yet the point lighthouse success of his protégé,

mechanics work hard to provide the best possible bike them. Dailymotocross strives to inform you behind the scenes and today is Kevin Guilloux, the mechanic Max Anstie Rockstar Suzuki, who has honored us to answer our questions. After working with Petrov in 2012, Kevin flew with the pilot for the USA in 2013 in preparation for the MX2 Grand Prix. A boy homegrown, not party much, now living a great adventure across the world under the canopy of the most prestigious teams of the plateau.

Q: Hi Kevin, you quickly present for those who do not know you.

Kevin Guilloux: Hello, my name is Kevin Guilloux, I am 29 years old and in 2013 I will attack my 6th year of great price. I am currently working with Max Anstie

Q: Tell us a little about your background and how did you become a mechanic in Gp? How did you joined Suzuki?

Guilloux Kevin: I started getting my Bep / Cap / Bac pro motorcycle mechanics, and then I worked 5 years in concession. I had the chance to meet, by chance, Bruno Losito (Team Manager Team NGS). I do not hesitate to ask if he had a little place for me, he gave me an appointment the following week for a test and this is how I started. Subsequently, I worked in the CLS team with Jean Jacques & Luiseti in Jacky Martens KTM. After the KTM, I decided to shut down for personal reasons, I am back in France, three days after my return, I received a phone call from Jens Johansonn (Mananger Team Rockstar Energy Suzuki Europe ) who offered me to come and do tests on a week to work with Petar Petrov. I’m back on my decision to leave the community and I accepted the offer without hesitation.

Q: Why Max (Anstie) he decided to make his season across the Atlantic? Tell us a few words about the boy with whom you work.

Kevin Guilloux: Max came to lead the U.S. because his father is a California resident. It has everything you need here to prepare well, golf Supercross, Motocross, gym, etc. … Above all, the crucial point is that the climate is always perfect. Max can ride all day without worrying about the weather for the next day and I honestly think this is a plus given the weather conditions in Europe. Make the first 5 rounds of championship Sx allows him to take many departures before the GP, to be in a race though, of course, is totally different from a great price. I think it will bring him a lot, both on a technical and physical and it will allow him to earn a little aggressive in his driving.

About Max is a hard worker, he never gives up. We did a lot of tests together this winter and is a very technical driver who feels things very well on the bike. It is very enjoyable and rewarding for the team to work with a guy like him, he brings a lot of information.

Q: The U.S. was new for you? Adaptation to Supercross was not too difficult that you WORKED mainly GP?

Guilloux Kevin: Yes, come to the Supercross in the USA it was a new experience for both me and for the team. Max, he is accustomed, he has already garnered a lot of experience in the USA, it has a lot of Suzuki testings on the ground to prepare his bike and I really think we did a great job to provide Supercross motorcycle developed.


Q: What are the means used for Max runs the USA? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re not Max & under the canopy with Sipes, Anderson & Co

Kevin Guilloux: On site we have all the equipment we need to get big points in the final, we did send a box of Belgium to the USA with many pieces from our workshop that allows us to numerous tests on the spot and not miss anything. We rented a truck on site with which it moves on racing and training grounds. This is what allows us to be 100% independent, we do not depend on anyone. We had the opportunity to be under the canopy with Rockstar Sipes, Anderson … but for practical reasons, we chose to stay in a small group with our own little Easy-Up (= Awning)

Q: Describe a typical day of race

Kevin Guilloux: We arrive on Friday morning around 9am, this is a day without too much stress, it moves, it causes the wheels Dunlop, it passes control decibel. The Saturday is different, everything goes very fast, should make the technical supervision from 9am, there is recognition walk from 11am to 12pm, this is a moment that I love. They open the doors of the stadium and we find the path with the drivers and the team in a good atmosphere. Then no time to breathe, free trials, timed … everything goes, we have very little time between sets. At 19h is the opening ceremony with the presentation of the pilots and to show the American that goes with it, to 19.30 first qualifying for the final. Six laps to win his place in the final, unfortunately the error is often fatal because they do that in the first nine, the others go to Draft which takes place over four rounds and where we take the first two for the final. Pilots take enormous risks to reach the final, which takes place later in the evening; 15 laps to block with a very intensive and sustained pace.

Q: No trace of Max in Oakland, what has happened?

Kevin Guilloux: Unfortunately, no final for us in Oakland. When he went sixth of his qualification, Max and Scott Champion clung and dragged the bike Scott a few meters before stopping. Time to get the bike and leave, he was 17th. He managed to climb up to the 10th position but it is not enough to reach the final. So we had to go through the last chance, Max makes a good gate output but is locked out and then to top it all, a few turns later, he made a small error control and off the track. At that time it was realized that the evening was over for us and we had no chance to reach the final.

Q: When your driver does not qualify for the final, what do you do?

Kevin Guilloux: When magnifying qualification, it packs up and goes all obviously disappointed with the head turned to the next week, he or she will have to work even harder this does not happen again.

Q: What do you think when your driver is aligned with the grid?

Guilloux Kevin: What I think … To be honest I don’t know, I’ve never asked, I especially enjoy this magical moment.


Q: Your goals for the MX2 World this year?

Kevin Guilloux: It is the MX2 podium at the end of the year.

Q: Family life is complicated to manage when you spend 3/4 of the year go?

Guilloux Kevin: I think I’ll give the answer that will give you all the mechanics: What is a family? Unfortunately, it is very difficult to manage a family life with this job.

Q: Mechanic GP, it pays?

Guilloux Kevin: In comparison to a base salary, yes, we earn a good living, but do not really look at the hours …

Q: Any last words?

Guilloux Kevin: I would like to thank all the people of American Suzuzki, the UC team, Team Yoshimura, Fox, Rockstar and Team Dunlop for their support and valuable assistance they have given us during this winter preparation.

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